"Hi. I’m Kerry Shawcross and I’m Chris Demarais and we’re two diehard Lord of the Rings fans. We’ve seen all the movies a dozen times, read and re-read the books, watched the movies a few more times and then read the books again. In Lord of the Rings, Frodo and Sam walk all the way from The Shire to the heart of Mordor: Mount Doom. This journey took them about six months of walking to complete, or in layman terms: three books, because you know one does not simply walk into Mordor! How far is that though? Since you can’t exactly plug The Shire and Mordor into Google Maps, we looked at the distance between the filming locations in New Zealand used by Peter Jackson. It turns out, the total distance from the set of Hobbiton to Mount Ngauruhoe (the mountain used as Mount Doom) is only about 120 miles. It seems like one could simply walk to Mordor, right? So, after realising this we naturally hopped on a plane and flew to New Zealand for a week. We loaded up backpacks with cameras, survival and Hobbit gear and headed to Matamata, the home of the Hobbiton film set. We have six days to do what took Frodo and Sam three films to complete. We will take our official Lord of the Rings Ring of Power replica one hundred and twenty miles to Mount Doom and destroy it. Easy, right? I mean how hard could it be? It’s just A Simple Walk into Mordor.”

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